The details make the diference.

Construction and managment

The activity of our company is focused mainly on construction and major investments

Urban Projects

For  every project we do an evaluation of the impact that it will have  during construction. We take care for every detail that makes the design and construction as a  sustainable one.


The spirit of cooperation is present everywhere in our company, both in staff and in relation to customers.


Startek as an investor, undertakes subcontracting of works, services and supplies through a rigorous selection process using the standard procurement procedures.

STARTEK Constructions takes on the role of main investor and contractor for small to large size projects and performs project management services to coordinates specialist trades for residence/commercial projects. We also provides design inputs and engineering solutions as value-add services to our clients.
Years of experience have turned our company in one of the most important in the region.
Our projects extend over the years always offering services which respect European standards
Partnerships with foreign and Albanian companies is one of our main goals
StarTek has reached the highest standards thanks to a exceptional and professional staff

Some of our projects :

The activity of our company is focused mainly on construction and big investment in buildings, such as shopping centers, residences, villas, tourist centers and infrastructure. For us, the quality remains the distinguishing feature versus the competition. Continued progress, modern investments in expanding the strengthening of the retail network, new premises, advanced and developing programs , all these provide a sufficient motivation for all staff, managers and employees

Our Mission

“Startek Construction’s mission is to provide work with the highest possible quality in the market, which we achieve in its integrity of our subcontractors and staff, dedication to a sustainable work ethic and our passion to always be coherent with the latest technology developments in the construction industry and respect for the environment.



Vision and values

SECURITY                                        INTEGRITY

RESPECT                                          ACCOUNTABILITY

QUALITY                                          CREDIBILITY


“To be the leading company in construction in the country and region, known for quality and innovation, supporting the staff and communities in which we work.

VOnly through a hard work and good faith we won in the construction market.iso-14001iso-18001iso-1

Latest news from StarTek

Work with us

One of the values of the company is the creation of a positive work environment where employees feel valued and respected for their work. The company occasionally organizes various sports and cultural activities, to enhance the spirit of group communication and socialization of employees with each other.