Social responsibility

During these years accuracy and accountability in relation with customers, partners and employees have always been important to us.

The company is managed by this values:

  • Quality services and products
  • Contemporary environment
  • Attention to employees
  • Collaborative relationship with the communityOn the other hand the company, stimulates its employees to provide excellent results. Those familiar with values and ethical codes to be worthy for the company. Employees are protected and  safe at work, and this  in the field of construction indicates a serious company behavior.

On the other hand through various programs we aim at involving the community in our activities in different segments of social life.

StarTek Value
Our greatest value is the quality and longevity of constructions that we offer.

Our principles :
1-Correctness in the performance and delivery of services
2-Accountability to achieve successful results in the deadlines set

We are an ever-growing company.
Steadily we present new ideas in the area where we operate.

Our partners