• Lulezim Mehmetaj
    Lulezim Mehmetaj President of the company and CEO
  • Anxhela Lika
    Anxhela Lika General Manager
  • Mirush Taullaj
    Mirush Taullaj Head Architect of Technical Department
  • Aulona Veizaj
    Aulona Veizaj Site Engineer
  • Armand Mehmetaj
    Armand Mehmetaj Technical Construction
  • Bujar Hida
    Bujar Hida Technical Construction
  • Lorenc Zeqaj
    Lorenc Zeqaj Site manager. Engineer
  • Mirel Mehmetaj
    Mirel Mehmetaj Site manager. Engineer
  • Meriona Decolli
    Meriona Decolli Engineer
  • Lumturi Mezini
    Lumturi Mezini Architect
  • Sami Jahja
    Sami Jahja Hydraulic Engineer
  • Agim Papa
    Agim Papa Electric Engineer
  • Fisnik Vathi
    Fisnik Vathi Mechanic Engineer
  • Elton Muco
    Elton Muco Electronic engineer
  • Bujar Karanxha
    Bujar Karanxha Engineer
  • Edlir Shabani
    Edlir Shabani Head of the finance departament
  • Arben Toqi
    Arben Toqi Economist
  • Rozeta Memo
    Rozeta Memo Jurist of the company
  • Elvana Noka
    Elvana Noka Financier
  • Jonida Zeqaj
    Jonida Zeqaj Architect

StarTek Value
Our greatest value is the quality and longevity of constructions that we offer.

Our principles :
1-Correctness in the performance and delivery of services
2-Accountability to achieve successful results in the deadlines set

We are an ever-growing company.
Steadily we present new ideas in the area where we operate.

Our Partners